VIP Trips

On these exclusive three-day business delegations I am accompanied by a maximum of 10 participants.


There, you can present yourself and your products and services to a first-class public and have in-depth discussions with all the relevant people during meals, on the road and in the breaks. The programme is rounded off by visits to various relevant locations. In this way, you will be provided with a unique access to important decision-makers which will save you many time-wasting diversions.


The VIP trips are shaped to suit demand and needs:


  • Based on my knowledge of the markets in Algeria and Tunisia, I work with the representatives of the local Governorates and my commercial network to define the current local demand. Based on this, those companies that meet this need are invited to the VIP trip. Further countries are being prepared and will follow.


  • Trips for interested business people who wish to find out more about industries or markets.


  • Tailor-made trips for a single company covering various themes and objectives.



A prior behavioural briefing is an absolute precondition here. For this, we meet beforehand or at the beginning of a trip. For more complex countries, I offer one- or two-day seminars.



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