Why Networks


For medium-sized companies in particular, it is very helpful to make use of existing personal contacts and access points in the African and Arabic economies, which are based exclusively on networks and personal trust, and to benefit from the market knowledge of the experts instead of having to spend years building and acquiring this.


The “Renewables Round Table 2100” , established and run by me, now has a high profile and is of major significance as a platform for excellent networking. It offers both high-quality keynote speakers talking about fascinating subjects and access to high-ranking people, decision-makers, companies, institutions, political levels and, most importantly, new markets, primarily in Africa. I would like to break down the “wall of ignorance” about this region and its people and take away the “fear of the unknown”.


Because of the great importance of networks, I have established several of these platforms for different purposes. 

Renewables Round Table 2100

Security Round Table 2100