International Circle of Honour 2100

Access to networks is a fundamental necessity for doing business in many regions of the world and operating successfully. I therefore found the International Circle of Honour 2100” (ICOH 2100 ) in October 2014.


Members of the “International Circle of Honour 2100” have excellent networks giving access to high-ranking people in different countries and industries. They then make these available to the clients of the other members.


Members of the “International Circle of Honour 2100” act according to the principles of “fair trade” and the “honest merchant”.


The “International Circle of Honour 2100” acts as a deliberate counterweight to short term profit orientation and seeks sustainable engagements. Dealing fairly with each other as well as with clients, customers and partners including absolute confidentiality are the cardinal rules for all members.


Membership is exclusive and is granted after a special admission procedure.



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