Africa - Your market!

African markets are the markets of the future.


My expertise: Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan.


The population of Africa is set to double by 2050 to approx. 2.4 bn people. Demand is growing in every area: energy, infrastructure, nutrition, water, machinery, clothing, consumer goods and so on. A new middle class is appearing, with increasing consumer requirements and interests.

This is a development that offers German businesses a huge range of opportunities.

On your way to opening up these new business areas, in addition to carrying out a painstaking market analysis in terms of the need for your products and services, it is vitally important to find out about the particular local features and workings of these economies, which are based on trust and personal relationships, and to know the right contacts and people to talk to.


This is where I can support you with my many years of experience and the networks at my disposal. I will help to prepare you, open the right doors for you and accompany you until your new business partnerships are established.


I will show you how, in these markets which are often regarded as difficult, it is possible to achieve a massive reduction in the “difficulty” factor, so that you can minimise risks and avoid mistakes.