Diplom-Kaufmann Amelia Zinke



To bring together German and African business people through fair trade and strong personal relationships, to develop new prospects in new markets for you and your company and to help achieve the mutual success of new business partnerships. 


When making your intelligent market entry into Africa, you can therefore make use of my expertise & experience with regard to the most important success factors, the cultural differences and business customs.

My first-class network and my high-quality contacts will accompany you along your path and open up further markets for you in Africa.


I am also very happy to act for African companies and bring them into contact with German business partners – after all, Germany is an innovative and strong export country.


German products and services are well respected worldwide, especially in Africa – which is important both for the African market and for German medium-sized businesses.


AFRICA is the market of the future and it starts just 2 flying hours away from us.



I have already negotiated a number of joint ventures in Algeria and Tunisia, and I am very familiar with the challenges of the local legal system, taxes, customs, employee management, organisational development and accounting practices.


I solve misunderstandings caused by cultural differences through respectful dialogue with the negotiating partners.


As a consultant with many years of practical experience, I can put you in touch with the right people to talk to in business and industry, in local government offices, ministries and banks and find reliable legal and tax advisors. In addition, you will benefit from my knowledge about very many fundamental matters, specific concerns and particular local features.




Amelia ZINKE has worked for 27 years for The Linde Group, the world’s leading industrial gases and engineering corporation, in a range of international management positions in the fields of marketing and finance.


Among other things, from 1991 to 1997 she developed the organisational structures of Group companies in Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. From 1997 to 2005, she was responsible at Linde Gas for Mergers & Acquisitions and Finance worldwide and from 2005 to 2009, she developed a start-up company (textiles cleaning with CO2) in four countries in parallel as Managing Director and CFO.


Since 1999, she has been active regularly in the Maghreb, and from 2009 to 2013 her responsibilities included the organisational development of the Linde Gas Group companies in Algeria and Tunisia and the provision of market development support in North Africa.


The commercial negotiation of the first private commercial joint venture in Algeria with the state company SONATRACH including project financing is further proof of her successful approach and complex range of experience.


Her long-established good relations with administrations, associations, embassies and political levels in this region and in Berlin and with commerce and industry, which she has proactively established and maintained, position her as an important link in the development of new projects and areas of business.


As a member of the Board of the German-African Business Association (Afrika-Vereins der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.), Vice-President of the German-Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Algeria) and the German-Tunisian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Tunisia), she has been able to further expand her bilateral network and advise a great number of companies.


Amelia ZINKE has been strongly personally engaged for many years in improving the commercial relationship between Germany and North Africa, especially Algeria and Tunisia.


In this context, she founded the closed private initiative “Renewables Round Table 2100” in March 2011 with a view to motivating and inspiring high-ranking German business people and decision-makers to look at the markets in North Africa, especially in the field of renewable energies.


With her powerful network in many countries in Africa, she is able to accompany German companies with secure negotiating skills in English and French on their pathway to Africa.